Yeary Society Membership

A yearly Membership is valid from October 1 to September 30 of the following year for $35.00 CAN per person. To apply for a membership please fill out the registration form below and then pay separately the annual fees through your bank via E-mail Transfer by using the following E-mail addresse:

Benefit: A Membership will result in reduced fees for CECD conferences.

Method of Payment:
Direct deposit by using Interac E-mail Money Transfer.
To send an E-mail Money Transfer, log on to your online banking and click on Make a Transfer. Under the heading “Interac E-mail Money”, click on Send Money. The only information that you require is our e-mail address:

If it’s your first time sending an E-mail Money Transfer, it will take a few minutes to register.

It is important you create a security question we can easily answer. Please notify us of your ANSWER in an e-mail to  in order for us to deposit your transfer. If you need any assistance, we can be reached at

Yearly Society Membership